You can apply for an instalment-free period for your company’s hire-purchase or financial leasing agreements

Please read the instructions below and fill in the form. We will then be able to ease your company’s situation in these dire times.

Who is this for? 

We want to help and support our customers both in good and bad times. Therefore we offer a temporary instalment-free period for individual hire-purchase and financial leasing agreements of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

What does this mean? 

An instalment-free period (change to a repayment schedule) means that you will only have to pay interest and fees on your hire-purchase agreement, and in the case of a lease agreement, a lower lease. The instalment-free period will extend your agreement period correspondingly.

How to apply for an instalment-free period 

Fill in and send us the form below. You should apply for an instalment-free period well in advance before the next due date. Please note that you must pay all your due repayments under the agreement before we can grant you an instalment-free period. 

We will not contact you separately unless we need additional information for your application. We will send you a new repayment schedule for signing:

Either digitally to the Corporate Documents service or by post, in which case you must return the signed repayment schedule by post to Nordea Finance. 

If you have several agreements for which you apply for instalment-free periods, each agreement will be individually signed digitally and they may arrive by post in separate letters.  

After we have received the signed repayment schedule from you, we will execute the change. 

The change is subject to our tariff.

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