NF Techfleet

We help your business to thrive with our lifecycle management solution for tech equipment

Up-to-date equipment with Nordea Techfleet

With Nordea Techfleet, your company can acquire and fund all necessary ICT and medical equipment within the leasing limit granted.

Nordea Techfleet is a lifecycle management and finance solution for ICT and medical equipment. The purchase price of any equipment is only a part of their total lifecycle costs. Effective management enables you to cut down hidden costs surrounding your daily operations and thereby reduce the total costs.

Your benefits:

  • Up-to-date equipment
  • Flexibility after the lease period
  • Browser-based equipment management system which is easy to use
  • Services covering the entire lifecycle of the equipment
  • Knowledgeable customer service team at your service
  • Eco-friendly recycling service

We offer your business a systematic procurement process to which you can easily add a lease agreement. Our browser-based equipment management system lets you update and track your equipment and manage equipment handovers, for example.

This finance solution adapts to your company’s needs, as you can extend the lease, purchase the equipment or return it on expiry of the lease period.

We take care of the recycling and after-sales marketing of the equipment.

Nordea Techfleet is a solution specifically developed for Nordea customers. NF Techfleet is a part of international CHG-Meridian concern. We provide your business with access to a wide range of specialised expertise in the lifecycle management of tech equipment.