About Nordea Finance

Nordea Finance – a Finnish finance company since 1959

Whether your financing need concerns making purchases for yourself or your company, taking out consumer credit or acquiring working capital, Nordea Finance has a solution for you. We provide a quick and hassle-free way for you to apply for finance at your vendor or a Nordea branch.

Why Nordea Finance?

  • We help increase sales and customer loyalty. Vendor finance solutions to manufacturers, importers, car dealers, vendors and retailers.
  • We offer a wide range of finance solutions to fund equipment and machinery investments
  • Asset-based financing through leasing and hire purchase
  • We reduce the cost of acquiring equipment and boost the efficiency of their management
  • AssetMaster is a solution for acquiring and managing any movable fixed assets
  • Fleet services for acquiring and managing car fleets
  • We accelerate working capital turnover and reduce risks
  • Factoring unlocks capital tied up in account claims.

Taking care of the environment

WWF Green Office sertified since 2003

Nordea Finance has held a WWF Green Office sertificate since 2003. The sertificate requires us to commit to standards set by WWF, that have to do with energy consumption, procurement, recycling and general environmental knowledge within the company. Nordea Finance’s environmental committee follows up with these standards and makes constant improvements, and WWF inspects our office every three years.

What is WWF Green Office?

WWF Green Office is an environmental program created by WWF, which helps companies reduce their environmental impact. The program guides to set goals, make real changes, measure results and improve performance constantly.

There are currently 148 companies in the WWF Green Office network in Finland.