Contact information

Nordea Finance Customer Service provides you with information and advice on credit matters. You can reach our Customer Service by phone or through the Nordea Omaposti.

Private and Corporate customers

Our Customer Service serve you and our other customers as soon as possible. Before calling, please see if you can handle your issue in our self-service channels above.

Private and corporate customers service for matters concerning: credit cards, credits, hire-purchase and leasing.

0200 86210* (in Finnish and English) open Mon–Fri  9–16.30

0200 86211* (in Swedish and English) open Mon–Fri  9–16.30

  • Select 1 Credit cards and consumer loans
  • Select 2 Hire-purchase
  • Select 3 Leasing 
  • Select 4 Consumer credit automatic telephone service

You can also send a message in Nordean Omaposti, Nordea netbank and Nordea mobile. You can take care your credit matters in OmaLuotto-service 24/7.

If you card is lost, call 020 333 * open 24/7.

*(local network charge/mobile call charge)

Flexibility and payment holidays

Do you need some flexibility for your monthly payments? It’s possible and easy to do by yourself through our self-services. You will find more specific instructions and other useful advice from the link below.

Read more about different self-services

Customer service for corporate cards

Matters regarding Nordea Business Mastercards and First Cards, service in Finnish, Swedish and English, Mon–Fri 8.00–17.00.  

Open Mon–Fri 8.00–17.00

  • Tel 0200 52100 First Cards (local rates apply*)
  • Tel 0200 52200 Nordea Business Mastercards (local rates apply*)                               
  • Tel 0200 52300 Suomen Yrittäjät Mastercards (local rates apply*)       
  • Log in to First Card online serviceOpens new window                

Customer Service for Vendor financing

As a Nordea Finance's Vendor you get help for credit decisions and other matters.   

Credit decisions

Car finance and credit cards and consumer loans

tel. 0800 90550 (free of charge)

Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18, Sat 10–16

  • Select 1 Private customers credit decisions
  • Select 2 Corporate customers credit decisions
  • Select 3 Purchase verifications

Investment financing

tel. 09 5300 6970 (free of charge)

Open Mon - Fri 10 - 16.30

Vendor co-opeartion matters

Open Mon - Fri 10–15.30

0800 170 700 (free of charge)

  • Select 1 Co-operation matters
  • Select 2 Digital services and access codes

*(local network charge/mobile call charge)

Factoring and AssetMaster customers

Open Mon - Fri 8.30–16.30

Factoring customers

09 1658 9473 for Sellers*

09 1658 9472 for Buyers*

AssetMaster customers

09 1658 9190*

*(local network charge/mobile call charge)

Credit and Collection

Open Mon - Fri 9–12

Non collateral cards and consumer loans

tel. 010 276 548*

Collateral products (leasing, hire-purchase, retrieval, realization)

tel. 010 276 5849*

*local network charge / mobile call charge)