Useful information about credit cards and car credit

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I lost my card, the phone service is closed, I’m unsure about making credit card payments online, I don’t know how much car credit I have...

If you have any of these topics on your mind, you can find more information about them on this page. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, our Customer Service is happy to answer your questions.

Kuluttajansuojalain väliaikainen lakimuutos

Kulutusluottoja ja kuluttajien korttiluottoja koskeva lainsäädäntö muuttuu tilapäisesti koronatilanteen vuoksi. Tämä väliaikainen muutos vaikuttaa kuluttajaluottojen suoramarkkinointiin ja muiden kuin hyödykesidonnaisten kuluttajaluottojen korkoon. Muutokset  tulevat voimaan viimeistään 1.7.2020 ja ne ovat voimassa vuoden 2020 loppuun asti.

Kulutusluottoja koskevan väliaikaisen korkokattosäännöksen mukaan kokonaiskorko saa olla enintään 10 %. Edellä mainitun lakimuutoksen ulkopuolelle on rajattu hyödykesidonnaiset kulutusluotot ja korttiluotot, joita 10 % korkokatto ei siis koske.

Kulutusluotoista veloitettavat palkkiot säilyvät ennallaan.

Help with invoice payments

There may be times when you need more time to repay your credit. You can adjust your monthly repayment amount by lowering your repayment percentage or taking an instalment-free month.

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Which channel should I use for my banking?

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the channels and functions in which you can manage your credit as a Nordea customer or another bank’s customer. See which channel to use and whether you can take care of the matter in one of our self-services.

Find your channel

Have you lost your card?

If you card has been lost or stolen, it should be blocked right away. Read more about how to do this.

Blocking a card

OmaLuotto-service at your convenience

OmaLuotto-service allows you to manage your credit facility independently. Log in with your online banking codes when it suits you best.

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Be smart online

Using your credit card for online shopping is quick and easy but there are a few things to keep in mind before disclosing your card details online.

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Self-service for checking your car finance details 24/7

If you are not a Nordea customer but want to check your car credit details, you can log in to the Car Finance Details 24/7 service anytime.

Log in to Car Finance Details 24/7

Best of luck with your studies

As a university student, you are eligible for getting a credit card without any regular income.

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No more need for a credit card?

It is ok to give up a credit card you no longer need. Simply closing your card is not enough to end your credit agreement. You also have to provide us with a notice of termination.

Termination of credit agreement

Why do we want to get to know you?

Banks are subject to many laws including ones that seek to prevent, for example, money laundering, terrorism and financial crime. We comply with these laws, too, and take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.

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Save time and effort with e-invoices

E-invoices are a secure and hassle-free way to pay your bills.

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