Thinking of how to change your credit repayments or to take an instalment-free month?

Our Customer Service helps you in all your credit matters. If we are closed or you like to take care of your matter in our self-service channels, please see if you find an answer to your question here.

Help with invoice payments

There may be times when you need more time to repay your credit. You can adjust your monthly repayment amount by lowering your repayment percentage or taking an instalment-free month. 

You can change the repayment percentage of your credit and take an instalment-free month in one of our self-services as follows: 

Which channel should I use for my banking?

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the channels and functions in which you can manage your credit as a Nordea customer or another bank’s customer. See which channel to use and whether you can take care of the matter in one of our self-services.

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Customer Service for consumer and corporate customers

If you want to contact us by phone, check our contact details hereOpens new window.


Need for changes for personal customers’ hire-purchase financing

You can change due date or apply instalment-free period for your hire-purchase finance, which will ease your monthly repayments.

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Payment holiday for corporate customers’ hire-purchase and financial leasing agreements

We want to help and support our customers both in good and bad times. Therefore we offer a temporary instalment-free period for individual hire-purchase and financial leasing agreements of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

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I need credit

On our website, you can apply for consumer credit and get the credit decision instantly. You can then use the credit granted to you with the card linked to it or by transferring cash from your credit account to your bank account.

Read about your options and apply for a solution that suits you on the webpage of the product. 

I want to transfer money from my credit account to my bank account

 You can transfer money from any of our card credits and Joustorahoitus to your bank account in our self-services. 

The transferred amount will be usually at your disposal instantly. 


I would like to learn more about the details of the hire-purchase finance for my car

Log in to the Car Finance Details 24/7 service with your bank’s online banking codes.  

In Nordea Netbank and the Car Finance Details 24/7 service, you can view the following: 

  • The repayment schedule and itemisation for your car
  • Your monthly repayment amount
  • The next due date
  • The payment details (account number and reference number)
  • The remaining debt amount.

Log in to Car Finance Details 24/7 hereOpens new window

Cancellation of a trip paid with a credit card

The cancellation cover included in a Gold, Premium, Platinum or Black credit card granted by Nordea provides you with the possibility of cancelling your trip if you or your family member falls ill before the trip.

It does not cover cancellation if you wish to cancel your trip because you have concerns about coronavirus or costs arising from other services related to your trip, such as accommodation or car rental costs.

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I would like to raise my credit limit

On our website, you can apply for a raise to your credit card limit and get the credit decision instantly. You can find the link to the application form on the product page. 


I would like to lower my credit limit

You can always reduce your credit limit if the credit you originally applied for seems too high. Please note that no costs are charged for the credit limit available to you, but only for the credit amount you have spent. 

You can reduce your credit limit by sending a message to our Customer Service in one of the following ways: 

I want to cancel or terminate my credit

There may come a time when you no longer need your credit. You can then terminate your credit by giving notice on it. But please note, however, that credit once granted to you will be free of charge if you have not used it. 

You can send the notice of termination in one of the following ways:

I am not able to pay my invoice

No need to worry – contact our Customer Service, and we will draft a new repayment schedule for you. 

Our telephone connections are currently busy, so if the due date on your invoice is not yet close, please take an instalment-free period. You can easily take an instalment-free period as follows:

My contact information has changed

You don’t need to contact us if your address has changed, since we receive any address changes directly from the Population Information System. 

If your telephone number has changed, please give us your new number in one of the following channels:

Erroneous purchase or undelivered product

If a product or service you ordered was not delivered in accordance with your order, make a complaint on a claims form.

The claims form is available hereOpens new window.

Card use online and in online shops

If you want to use your card for online payments, you must allow its online usage. If you don't remember the PIN of your card, you can order a new one through one of our self-services.

You can authorize online use and order a PIN as follows:

Geographical restrictions and security limits on your card

If you want to change the geographical restrictions or security limits on your card, you can make the change conveniently in our self-services.

You can make the changes: 

If you use the contactless payment option, you don’t have to touch the payment terminal

All Nordea Mastercards carry the contactless payment feature. You can make contactless payments up to 50 euros at a payment terminal. Hold your card close to the card reader, which will activate the contactless payment feature. In this way, you do not have to key in your PIN.