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We are here to make your dreams come true with more than 200 car dealerships across Finland. Whether you want to buy a new or a used car from a car dealership or a friend, and whether you want to own or lease a car – we will find the right financing option for you.

Do you need to change due date or apply instalment-free months

Sometimes there can be a need to change due date or use instalment-free months.

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I only want to pay for my car use

Get a new car for 2–4 years with no down payment.

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Useful information, such as how to adjust your repayment schedule or due date when there are changes in your life.

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I want to own a car

Buy a new or a used car from a car dealership or a private seller.

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I want to trade in or sell my car

Do you want to sell or trade in your car? It is possible also in mid-term.

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I'm planning a road trip abroad

It is possible to take a car which has been financed under a finance agreement out of the country as long as you get written permission for it.

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Family car? Second car? Sporty wheels? Get the car you need – and maybe always dreamed of – with Nordea car finance. See which of our products is the right fit for you. 

Hire purchase   
Shopping at a car dealership? You can get a hire purchase car from more than 200 car dealerships across Finland without any security. If you trade in your old car, you can use the amount to cover the entire down payment or part of it. 

When you want the car and not the hassle. You can get FiksuDiili leasing finance from Laakkonen without any down payment or collateral. You simply make a finance agreement for 2–4 years with a fixed monthly payment and do not have to worry about the residual value.

FlexiCreditOpens new window 
Are you about to buy a car and need the money in your account fast? You can get unsecured FlexiCredit by contacting Nordea Customer Service, filling in an application in Netbank or booking an online meeting. We will agree on a repayment schedule that you can afford.

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