Finnair Plus Mastercard is a full-service payment method for Finnair Plus members.

With Finnair Plus Mastercard, you earn points not just for your flights but also for all purchases you make using your card’s credit facility. You can use your points to buy new trips and take advantage of other valuable benefits. Enjoy your membership to the fullest.

Shop and earn Finnair Plus points

With Finnair Plus Mastercard you can pay for your travels and all your daily purchases conveniently and earn Finnair Plus points while doing so.

Finnair Plus Mastercard is truly a full-service means of payment for Finnair Plus members. In addition to being accepted worldwide, it offers you a convenient repayment period, reserve fund and insurance cover.

Apply here and get the credit decision instantly

  • You can use Finnair Plus Mastercard when shopping in Finland, abroad or online.
  • Apply for a suitable credit limit between 2,000 and 10,000 euros.
  • Applying for credit is easy with your bank’s online banking codes – just click the link above.
  • You can use the same application form to apply for a raise to your current Finnair Plus Mastercard limit.
  • You can get the credit decision instantly.

Versatile charge and credit card – also on your phone

If you are using Nordea Wallet or Apple Pay, you can start using your card for mobile payments instantly without having to wait for the physical card. 

  • The card includes travel insurance and cash withdrawal insurance
  • Get an interest-free repayment period of 30 days on average
  • You have the possibility of paying for your purchases in instalments
  • The credit interest is 11,5 % + 3-month Euribor. The annual fee for the principal card is 60 euros. The paper invoice fee of 3 euros per invoice will be charged in case of outstanding debt.

* The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) on a Finnair Plus Mastercard credit of 1,500 euros in use is 24,8 %. The 3-month Euribor (July 2020) has been used as the reference rate in the calculation and the annual fee of 60 euros and the fee for the paper invoice has been taken into account in the APR. The interest on the credit is the 3-month Euribor + 11,5 %. The credit limit is 2,000-10,000 euros. Finnair Plus Mastercard is valid until further notice. The creditor is Nordea Finance Finland Ltd, Aleksis Kiven Katu 9, Helsinki, 00020 NORDEA.

Mobile payments made easy

With Apple Pay or Google Pay you can easily pay for purchases using your mobile phone at stores. Start using Apple Pay or Google Pay and link it to your Finnair Plus Mastercard. It only takes a minute to activate. Try today!

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Many reason to choose Finnair Plus Mastercard

  • Mastercard is accepted in Finland and abroad in over 200 countries and about 30 million sales outlets. 
  • You can withdraw cash all over the world at ATMs carrying the Mastercard logo. 
  • When your card has the debit facility, you can also pay for purchases and withdraw cash directly from your bank account worldwide.
  • You can use Finnair Plus Mastercard to make secure online payments.

An easy way to accrue Finnair Plus points

  • You will gain two Finnair Plus points for every euro you pay with the payment period or credit facility. You cannot earn points for invoice payments, account transfers, cash withdrawals, cash payments and purchases made with your card’s debit feature.
  • The card includes travel insurance for trips abroad, which is valid when you pay the entire trip with the Finnair Plus Mastercard credit facility.
  • Cash withdrawal cover will compensate cash funds withdrawn from the Mastercard credit account stolen from you within 24 hours of the withdrawal up to 850 euros.

Peace of mind with free travel insurance

When you pay your whole trip abroad (100%) with the credit facility of your Finnair Plus Mastercard, you and all your family members travelling with you will be covered by travel insurance without any extra charge. The travel insurance covers illness and accidents during the trip and loss of luggage. 

  • Insurance covers transport to Finland from abroad (for example, on air ambulance flights) in cases of serious illness or accidents. 
  • The maximum insured amount is 50,000 euros. 
  • The maximum insured amount of the medical treatment expenses arising from illness or accident is 30,000 euros.
  • The maximum luggage indemnity is 840 euros (the deductible is 50 euros).
  • Cash withdrawal cover compensates cash funds withdrawn from the Finnair Plus Mastercard credit account in a foreign country up to 850 euros if they are stolen from you within 24 hours of the withdrawal.

The travel insurance and cash withdrawal insurance are issued by Tryg. Read the insurance terms and conditions (pdf, 540 KB)Opens new window.

Insurance benefits
Prices after 1.9.2019
Prices for cards issued before 1 September 2019

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