Termination of credit card

You can terminate your credit card at any time.

Are you thinking of your credit card termination?

Do you have a credit card, but you are now in a life situation where you don't need it anymore? If so, you can terminate your credit card anytime. But note, that keeping a credit card without balance is free, so you should think if termination is really needed. 

If you still wan't to terminate your credit, you can do it by sending a message to us. If you are Nordea customer, send us your termination request in Norde netbank or Nordea Mobile and if you are other banks customer send termination request in Nordea Omaposti. 

Note that cutting a credit card in pieces don't terminate your credit account. We need your written request to terminate your credit. If you have balance on your credit account, you can pay it back in normal monthly amount. 

Add in your termination reguest:

  • Credit account name and number
  • your social security number and name.