Tjäreborg Lomaluotto holiday credit

Tjäreborg Lomaluotto holiday credit is no longer available – if you prefer to pay a holiday booked with Tjäreborg in several instalments, please read below how to do that

Tjäreborg Lomaluotto holiday credit is no longer available

NB. The Payment Services Directive (PSD) ended the use of chipless cards equipped with a magnetic stripe as payment instruments on 14 September 2019. Tjäreborg Lomaluotto holiday credit has been unavailable since the end of 2019. You can now apply for a TUOHI Mastercard with which you will be able to pay both your travels and any expenses at your travel destination. Read more about TUOHI MastercardOpens new window.

If you prefer to pay your trip in parts, follow these instructions:

  1. If you are about to book a trip with Tjäreborg, choose eCreditOpens new window as the payment method instead of Tjäreborg Lomaluotto.
  2. If you are using Tjäreborg Lomaluotto holiday credit and the phone service, you can transfer by phone money from Tjäreborg Lomaluotto to your bank account and pay your trip from your account.
  3. If you have Tjäreborg Lomaluotto but not the phone service in use, please contact our Customer Service for instructions for what to do in this case. If you wish, you can apply for an international TUOHI MastercardOpens new window at the same time.



Tjäreborg Lomaluotto prices

Tjäreborg Lomaluotto prices
Interest rateNordea Prime + 12,05 %
Opening fee0 €
Account management fee3,70 €, 4 € or 5 € per month

The annual percentage rate of charge on 1,500 euros of outstanding credit is 21,8%, when the nominal interest is the Nordea Prime (8/2018) + 12,05 % and the monthly account management fee of 5 euros. Tjäreborg Lomaluotto is continuous credit which is valid until further notice. The credit limit is 1,000-5,000 euros. The credit is granted by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd, Aleksis Kiven katu 9, 00020 NORDEA.