eService is designed to make your everyday life easier

Available to every bank’s customers 24/7

eService makes your life easier

It is available to you anywhere, anytime

eService is designed to make your everyday life easier. It allows you to manage your credit facility whenever it suits you. eService provides a secure and encrypted connection and is available to you 24/7.

eService is perfect for you if you do not have Nordea’s online banking codes and want to manage your credit account independently online.

You can activate eService free of charge. 

eService in brief:

  • Use eService with your bank’s online banking codes

  • View your credit account transactions

  • Transfer money from your credit account to your bank accoun

  • Change the due date

  • Contact our Customer Service using a secure connection

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Get started

How to activate eService

Start using eService by concluding an eService agreement. You must sign the eService agreement when logging in to eService for the first time. Activating eService only takes a moment and is free of charge. For some of the features in the service we charge a service fee in accordance with our tariff.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click “Log in to eService” above.
  2. Identify yourself using your bank’s online banking codes.
  3. Enter the number of the bank account you use most frequently so that you will be able to transfer cash from your credit facility in the future.
  4. Accept the service’s terms of use.
  5. You can start using eService right away.
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